The COM-TENS III device is designed to have basic functions, which are especially suitable for initial application. It has fully adjustable parameters and provides temporary relief from acute or chronic pain such as back pain, sports injury, general muscle pain, etc.


Dual channels, Isolated between channels v
Pulse Amplitude (mA) 0~15
Pulse Frequency (Hz) 2~150
Pulse Width (micro second) 60~250
Wave Form: Asymmetric biphasic square pulse v
Timer Control (mins) 30, 60, Constant
Stimulation Mode B, M, N*
Power Supply:9 Volts DC square shape battery None
Size (mm3) (H)x(W)x(L) 31 x 64 x 92
Weight (grams; including battery) 126
Low Battery Indication None
Ramp (second) None
Contraction Time (On Time) (second) None
Relaxation Time (Off Time) (second) None
Asia - English


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