APEX at a Glance

APEX Medical Corporation was founded in 1990, it has become a patient -focused, innovation-driven global medical solution provider during the development over two decades.

APEX is committed to delivering medical solutions suited for the specific needs while serving healthcare professionals around the world.

With its devotion to healthcare, APEX products have been developed as a range of solutions: from the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers and wounds, continuous positive airway pressure devices (CPAP) for treating obstructive sleep apnea to medical equipment for providing full-line products.

With full command of trademark rights in 0 countries worldwide.
Professional Wound management & support surface manufacturer.
Worldwide certifications conforming to the highest standards of safety and efficacy.
0+ Years of dedication in sales & manufacturing of medical devices.
0% of revenue invested each year for developing, researching and health education of new technologies and products.
0 Straight years of operational growth.
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Who We Are

In APEX, we are following the principal of mutual respect between us and those people who have interacted with our company, including customers, employees, shareholders, partners, suppliers and communities.

We believe every individual deserves the opportunity to live the healthiest life possible and our priorities guide us to bring value to healthcare professionals, to innovate and positively impact the lives of patients.

Vision APEX

We believe APEX is well-prepared for a world with a growing, aging population and continuously evolving healthcare needs. Placing creating value to our customers, stockholders and employees first, while also strengthening the company's earning power at heart. We have a clear vision, to be recognized as top-of-the-line global brand of medical device manufacturer and service provider in wound management and respiratory therapy.

Integrity, professionalism, Innovation

"Integrity, professionalism, and innovation" are the three concepts that APEX practices. Year after year, we continuously develop medical equipment to provide better healthcare solutions. What’s more, we have created more than 200 patents worldwide and have received 190 international medical accreditations, each dedicated to providing new and qualified medical products.

For APEX, “Care for a Healthy Life” is our mission. We believe that holding a strong belief in care and continuously devoting ourselves to it will bring health and a better quality of life everywhere in the world.

Our beliefs:

  • Integrity – Respect customers’ needs, focus on product quality, and insist on the highest standards.
  • Professionalism – With excellent R&D ability, be active and brave when faced with challenges.
  • Innovation – Hold entrepreneurial spirit and always aim for the better.

Care for a Healthy Life

Everything starts with this mission.

APEX has been built through individual integrity, innovation and professionalism. With putting people at the centre, we will continually contribute to the health of patients worldwide through the creation of comprehensive healthcare products.

Strengthen the APEX Service Network

Forming a Complete Healthcare Network

As a global healthcare solution provider, APEX understands that in every corner in the world, there is an individual needs a hand.

Our goal is to exceed the expectation of every client by offering outstanding customer service, flexibility and greater value, thus improving efficiency and bringing greater convenience for the customers at large.

Global Service Network
  • The Wizard 210 product: U.S. Patent No. 7,159,587, U.S. Patent No. 7,487,772; U.S. Patent No. 7,997,267; U.S. Patent No. 7,743,767.
  • The Wizard 220 product: U.S. Patent No. 7,159,587, U.S. Patent No. 7,487,772; U.S. Patent No. 7,997,267.
  • The iCH Auto and iCH Prime products: U.S. Patent No. 6,216,691; U.S. Patent No. 6,935,337.
  • The XT Auto, XT Prime, XT Sense and XT Fit products: U.S. Patent No. 6,216,691.
  • The XT Heated Humidifier products: U.S. Patent No. RE44,453

Cutting-edge Design and Development Process to Bring Top-of-the-line Solutions

Inspired by the diverse needs of consumers in all areas and phases of life, APEX's foremost mission is to deliver innovative healthcare solutions that in turn inspire consumers to reach for greater heights of completeness in life.

Innovation & Patents

Innovation & Patents

With all these innovative, fantastic ideas generated from our R&D teams, we are keen to bring these ideas into reality. APEX continuously expands numerous product lines in wound management and respiratory therapy each year and has built an extensive patent portfolio with more than 200 patents granted worldwide.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design

To carry out our mission, implementing ergonomic, clinical research and human factors in the design is a must. From blue print to final sophisticated ID outlook, we highly value not only precision, but also clinical needs in different settings.

Hardware Design

Hardware Design

The challenge is to design a flexible electronic circuit within a fixed structure to match the requirements of a medical device. Our team objective is to provide a systematic integration solution combining product function, performance and safety design.

Firmware Design

Firmware Design

Science is the key to the solution. We are constantly generating new possibilities and algorithm to answer to individual requirements. Our computer programming is thorough to provide the optimal comfort and the effective therapy whilst offering intended use since we keep 'Care for a Healthy Life' in mind at all time.

Quality Assurance with Regulatory Certification

With the concerted effort of professional regulatory department and clinical accreditation team, APEX is very proud to have obtained ISO 13485 quality management system certification for its design and manufacturing process.

APEX has been granted by 190 world-class safety certification and also obtained 337 medical product accreditations such as US FDA 510(K), MDD 93/42/EEC, NMPA, Australia TGA, Health Canada and TFDA recognitions. In accordance with the international standards and regulations, we design and manufacture reliable, quality products that end-users can depend on all the time.

We Keep Our Quality First Promise

Combining our passion for innovative ideas and to its possibilities, we keep perfect quality as an essential commitment to the users to 'Do It Right the First Time'. Our professional regulatory department and clinical accreditation team work with concerted effort to provide quality excellence and continuous improvement protocol to make sure our product specifications are compliant with the world-class safety standards. Till 2018, APEX has obtained 190 international medical accreditations.

A series of design verification and validation (V&V) is able to reconfirm our products are in its optimal status and ready to be the great help of patients' life. Our reliability and functional-oriented tests such as operating temperature, pressure, noise, fabric endurability and compressor life test, etc. to comply with IEC 60068-2 standard - we promise you to experience the best performance across all APEX products.

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