• The aging of the population is an inevitable trend worldwide. Take Taiwan for example, the aged population is currently at 8.6% and will increase to 20.5% in 2035.
  • In 1998, the Ministry of Economic Affairs listed the healthcare industry as one of top 10 new emerging industries.
  • In 1997, due to the implantation of the National Health Insurance, the market scope had reached $260 billion NTD.
  • Integration of photovoltaic, electronic, electrical, medical, mechanical, chemical, and other technologies. Due to the highly technical process and also to ensure strict adherence to safety regulations and accreditation, our products, though varied, are produced in small quantities. This practice is in line with the upgrade and transformation of Taiwan SMEs.


  • APEX, with advanced R&D technology – Based in Taiwan, we own the core technology and focus on the development therapeutic air mattresses and respiratory therapy products to further create higher added value.
  • APEX, with a strategic division of labor for manufacturing – The manufacturing hub in China has established OEM/ODM partnerships with world-class factories to expand its scope of business and increase market share whereas factories in Taiwan will produce high gross margin products. The strategy divides labor across the Taiwan Strait to generate profit for all.
  • APEX, with an active marketing network—We have entered the global market by establishing branches in Europe and the United States, providing services to global customers, collecting business information, and gaining advanced technologies. In terms of Own Branding & Manufacturing (OBM), based on our experience in Taiwan, we master channels and combine services as well as technology to establish our own-brand marketing strategies. In the future, we are going to adopt the same models in Mainland China and Southeast Asia.

Social Responsibility

  • Donations to the Boyo Social Welfare Foundations in Nantou County.
  • Sponsors the National Collegiate Biomedical Engineering Creative Competitions hosted by the Taiwanese Society of Biomedical Engineering,
  • Donations to the Eden Social Welfare Foundation and sponsors nursing equipment at its Nursing Agency in Taipei.
  • Donations to the Cerebral Palsy Association of R.O.C..
  • Donations to the Taipei Sports Association for the Physically Disabled.
  • Donations to the relief efforts for the 921 Earthquake.
  • Donations to the Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders.
  • Donations to the Welfare Organization for the Elderly, Taiwan, R.O.C. and sponsors many of their charity events.
  • Donations to Victims of the Typhoon Winnie in Xizhi District.
  • Donations to the relief efforts for the Eight-Eight Flood.


Staying true to APEX’s mission of “Integrity, Professionalism, and Caring,” we integrate our brand’s future plans with a global strategy. We combine internal and external learning resources and emphasize on breeding professionals in order to build a strong support team for quality products and services.

  • New Recruits:

    Our tailor-made OJT Training Program and Counselor System help new recruits integrate into the workplace and advance their professional knowledge, providing them with all-around assistance.

  • Integration of the Virtual and Reality:

    We have established an online e-learning system that offers online training courses but we also provide many other learning resources in order to track our colleagues’ progress and to build a learning map specific to each position.

  • Emphasis on Professionalism:

    Form a career track for all positions by compiling a comprehensive job description while also employing target performance management. Continue to strengthen know-how for key technologies. Actively participate in medical or R&D related conferences to accelerate innovation.


Choose the Right Industry

The “Home Care Industry” is an industry with a promising future.

With an aging population worldwide that will increase sharply in the future, at home healthcare will be critical. Since the cost of at-home healthcare only accounts for one-tenth of that of traditional health care, the need for at-home healthcare will skyrocket. With the government’s encouragement as well as the implementation of the National Health Insurance, APEX has seen the potential of the home care industry and has combined different techniques to secure a foothold in Taiwan’s market.

Use the Right People

Over the past 10 years, APEX has been relying on its own experience, whereas in the next ten years, it will count on experts in the field. After years of hard work and investment, APEX has excellent teams with various skills including channel marketing, manufacturing, R&D, and business. Since we are living in a knowledge economy, the key questions for corporations will be: Which company can get information faster? Which company’s service is better? Which company is better digitally? The best one will stand out from the crowd in this competitive market.

Do the Right Thing

APEX emphasizes on doing the right thing when it comes to market position, product positioning, and product focus. In terms of marketing, APEX wishes to establish strategic OEM and ODM partnerships with world-class factories in the U.S., Europe, and Japan in order to increase revenue. In terms of OBM development (development of APEX’s own brand), APEX plans to establish a home base out of the economy of greater China and strives to be the leading Chinese brand. In terms of product positioning, APEX will promote its medical-grade pressured air mattresses to carve out a leading position in the market. In the next three years, APEX will work to market its respiratory therapy products, whose market is five times greater than that of pressured air mattresses. We can expect Apex to experience drastic growth in revenue for the next two to three years.

If you're interested in joining our team - we'd love to find out more about you.
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Flexible Management

  • Flextime
  • Reasonable management

Employee’s Benefits

  • Free group insurance (life insurance, casualty insurance, medical insurance, and cancer insurance)
  • Congratulatory and consolation money; e.g. congratulatory money when buying a house for the first time
  • Holiday bonus (Birthday, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese New Year)
  • Flexible bonus (We provide a year-end bonus; employees can decide how to use the money.)
  • Psychological consultation & Free massage
  • Free periodic health examinations
  • Lunch allowance
  • Free dinner for overtime work
  • Free parking space
  • Employee discount
  • Easy-access facilities

Work-Life Balance

  • Free gym (Fitness Equipment, Aerobics classroom, Billiard room, Table tennis room Handball, Football, Badminton, and Basketball field
  • Clubs
  • Establish a staff welfare committee; Promote employees’ welfare.
  • Hold birthday parties every season
  • Outing Activity and Ball competition
  • Year-end Party

Self-realization and Development

  • Training (Orientation and On-the-Job Training)
  • Self-Improvement Plans
  • Excellent Employee Award given regularly
  • Company library

Profit Sharing

  • Annual bonus after a year
  • Performance bonus
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