With the help from foam expert Thierry Darras, APEX was able to innovate utilizing the combination of air and foam technology.


With the help from foam expert Thierry Darras, APEX was able to innovate utilizing the combination of air and foam technology to create the Flexi-Air Hybrid Pressure Relieving Mattress.The mattress has 3 main features which prevent the patients from pressure ulcer effectively and improve comfortability of life.
Patients with hospice care, spinal injury as well as patient with pressure ulcer assessment who is on a waiting list and has to wait 7 hours before being hospitalized, have special bed needs. That's why foam expert Thierry Darras with 28 years of experience in the field of therapeutic mattress decided to help APEX with his rich and professional experiences and developed the 'Flexi-Air Hybrid Pressure Relieving Mattress' with automatic adjustment technology to improve quality of life for long-term bedridden patients who cannot tolerate alternating pressure mode.
According to Thierry Darras, the new technology of Viscoelastic foams and very high elasticity foams (HR Soft) are proven to be effective for the prevention of stage 1 and 2 pressure ulcers. To treat stage 2 and above pressure ulcer effectively, the patients need to rely on dynamic air mattresses. APEX Flexi-Air integrates both foam and air technology and has the clinical effect close to dynamic air mattresses which can treat stage 2 and above pressure ulcer effectively, and are suitable for the above-mentioned patients.


Three main features of Flexi-Air which prevent pressure ulcer effectively

Thierry Darras emphasizes on the 3 main features of 'Flexi-Air Hybrid Pressure Relieving Mattress': prevents pressure ulcer effectively; improves contouring of bedridden patient; and elevates the care quality of the caregiver.
Prevent pressure ulcer effectively with reliable support
  • Unique air distribution design allows air to be displaced from the heavier midsection of the body to the lighter head/shoulders and leg/foot regions.
  • Upper layer foam provides high elasticity; drilled Tri-cut soft foam improves ventilation and comfort.
  • Lower layer foam provides stable support which prevents the patient from bottoming out.
Improves patient's comfort with excellent contouring
  • Patented triangle cut design increases the envelopment around the vulnerable heels for better pressure redistribution.
  • 3-zone relief system keeps muscles relaxed and relieves joints discomfort.
  • The design of valves augments the feel of immersion of the patient in the foam, the foam conforms to the patient's shape and decreases the load distribution on the pressure points.
Easy to use and maintain; improves quality of care
  • Non-powered; ready to use anytime anywhere without plugging in.
  • Safe and quiet; provides better sleep and quality of life. 
  • Independent and modular foam design; foams can be replaced separately without replacing the whole bed.
  • Heel slope section with non-woven fabric cover; prevents cross-infection and easy to clean.


Thierry Darras, who is an expert in the application of various mattress materials and technology has led the Health Department of a renowned French foam company Carpenter to develop over 20 innovative mattresses and was among the first to invest in the development of therapeutic mattresses. With rich and professional experiences, he helped APEX to develop the automatic adjustment technology on APEX's Pro-care Auto products which is still the world's leading technology in treating pressure ulcer in hospitals.

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