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In the office, Miss Wang tapped the colleague next to her on the shoulder and said: "Hey, Lee. Didn't you just have a cup of coffee? Why are you still yawning?" Lee replied listlessly: "I don't know, I went to bed at 10 last night, but I still feel sleepy right now." The situation of not getting enough sleep has been bothering Lee in his daily life for many years. Without knowing what caused this, he relied on cups after cups of coffee to combat his fatigue and sleepiness daily, until he was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). After his treatment with APEX's Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), he was finally able to get rid of fatigue and sleepiness in his daily life.

Followed alongside APEX's optimization for products and found the excellence of XT Auto
Nowadays, not only did Mr. Lee go to work energetically but he was also able to interact with colleagues joyfully. "I was under the state of not getting enough sleep for more than 10 years, the feeling of fatigue and drowsiness constantly haunted me as I felt listless in everything I do" recalled Mr. Lee, "I'd never thought of OSA if it wasn't for some of my friends and families are diagnosed with OSA. After some check-ups, I was confirmed to have OSA too".
The doctor had recommended Mr. Lee to wear APEX CPAP when he was diagnosed with OSA, since then, Mr. Lee had followed through on APEX's updates and optimizations on the product. He had changed and worn many of APEX's CPAP models, the products had changed his life completely and the latest model APEX XT Auto had earned Mr. Lee's highest praise.

Three perfect designs allowing maximum comfort
According to Mr. Lee, the APEX XT Auto has 3 perfect designs: Firstly, the mask is ergonomically designed and attached snuggly on the face without any feeling of obstruction or intrusion; Secondly, the length of the tubing is long enough regardless of what the sleeping position is, sleep quality will not be compromised; and lastly, XT Auto provides air that felt like soft and natural breeze steadily without any interference.
From wearing the CPAP reluctantly to wearing it comfortably, Mr. Lee delightedly said: "not only did I sleep well at night, but also felt energetic when I woke up; the symptoms of gastro esophageal reflux were greatly improved and I felt I was given a fresh start in life".


Three main features of XT Auto
  • Airway Pressure changes according to the patient's airway variation and adjusts the pressure output accordingly, giving the patient maximum comfort.
  • Easy access to comprehensive sleep data through Easy Compliance software.
  • Users can evaluate whether to purchase the Heated Humidifier according to their own needs and cost considerations.
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Mattress Feature
Risk of Developing a Pressure Ulcer


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