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XT Fit offers great stability and comfort. Because of these traits, Mr. Huang, a patient suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), has been using XT Fit for 10 years. Switching to another product has never crossed his mind. In fact, he is fully intent on utilizing XT Fit long into the future.
“Hey, you were snoring really loudly last night!” Since he was a child, Mr. Huang has often heard this particular comment. Due to congenital throat issues, Mr. Huang snores when he sleeps, often loudly. This has affected many of his roommates over the years, especially in junior high school, which was a boarding school. In the morning, they would complain half-jokingly about his snoring. This put Mr. Huang in an awkward position. It was only after his family accompanied him to a hospital for a checkup that he found out he suffered from severe OSA and should use a breathing machine.

XT Fit offers three key advantages: durability, comfort, and easily replaceable components
The doctor suggested Mr. Huang use APEX XT Fit to assist with his treatment. Since then, Mr. Huang has used XT Fit continuously for 10 years, from his days as a student to his time in the army to his current professional life. He even takes the machine, which is still in excellent condition, with him on overseas trips.
“Ever since I started using XT Fit, I have no longer had to worry about affecting people around me,” said Mr. Huang. XT Fit has become part of his life. Even when he travels abroad and feels anxious about being in a new environment, putting on the respiratory mask offers him a familiar and relaxed feeling that helps him sleep comfortably.
Mr. Huang added, “XT Fit is easy to use, comfortable and durable, and components can be quickly replaced. In the past 10 years, I’ve never thought about switching to CPAP products from other brands.” It did take him some time to get used to the machine, but after a month or so he felt fully comfortable. His XT Fit has never malfunctioned. Mr. Huang has traveled to seven to eight different countries, and the XT Fit has always worked perfectly at different voltages. This has allowed Mr. Huang to sleep well even in unfamiliar surroundings.

APEX constantly optimizes its products for the comfort of OSA patients
Despite the XT Fit’s popularity, APEX is not satisfied. It remains firmly committed to conducting innovative research and development and leveraging new technologies to enhance the comfort of its CPAP products. The goal of APEX is to help even more OSA patients improve their sleep quality and live a normal and comfortable life.

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