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“Our hospital started to use Apex’s Pro-care 4 on long-term bedridden patients three years ago. It is easy to use and easy to clean. The feature of pressure adjustment according to the patient’s weight is very helpful, not only does it provide the patient with optimal pressure relief but it makes our job easier.
    I have been a nurse for over 20 years; I think Pro-care 4 is a great choice. From our hospital’s experience with Pro-care 4, we have encountered no product problem and our patients have no complaints towards it. There was a skinny patient in the hospital and we provided her a Pro-care 4 system during her stay. She told us that Pro-care 4 was much softer than her previous experience with another air mattress and that she was able to rest with comfort.”

By Head Nurse Carmen Martínez Gutiérrez from the Hospital Quirónsalud Bizkaia in Spain

3 Reasons behind Pro-care 4’s comfort:
The Pro-care 4 is more than a pressure injury prevention system, but it is also a place where a patient rests and heals. The following 3 key designs allow Pro-care 4 to provide our patients with maximum comfort:
  1. Discrete Pressure Range Settings – Pro-care 4 offers 10 levels of pressure settings for patients ranging from 40KG to 200KG. We believe that providing smaller & more precise pressure intervals will make a huge difference in patient comfort.
  2. Enhanced Heel Protection – The heels are one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body in developing pressure injuries. The heel zone of Pro-care 4 is composed of 5 individually excludable cells. Caregivers can deflate the cells according to the position of the patient’s heels, floating & protecting the heels with zero pressure.
  3. Apex QubiCell™ - Designed to increase patient’s contact area, Apex’s patented QubiCellTM not only offers a more even pressure redistribution for pressure area care but also provides a flatter & smoother surface for patients to rest on with better comfort.

4 Features to Lighten Caregiver’s Burden:
Being a nurse/caregiver is tough; often caregivers are responsible for multiple patients and/or tasks throughout the day. Having taken this into consideration, we have designed Pro-care 4 in a way that it can be easily adapted into a caregiver’s workflow and lighten their burden.
  1. Simple & Intuitive User Interface – The control panel is designed to be as simple as possible, allowing caregivers to operate the system with little to no learning effort.
  2. Auto Control Panel Lock – The system will automatically lock when it is left untouched. Caregivers can feel secure that their settings on the system will not be altered by accident.
  3. Welded Seams Cover with 2-Way Zippers - Pro-care 4’s water resistance cover is made with welded seams, sealing the inside of the mattress from any fluid ingress. This lightens the clean-up task of caregivers & reduces cross-infection risk for patients. With the cover’s 2-way zipper, the caregiver can simply remove the cover for cleaning from any side that best fits his/her workflow.
  4. Quick storage & installation - The Pro-care 4 system comes with a buckle strap attached under the mattress. Simply place & roll the pump in the mattress; buckle up the strap and store the system. To install the system, repeat the steps backward and connect the quick connector to the pump.

Pro-care 4 - Features
Pressure injuries treatment is not only costly but it also carries the risk of death. As the saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, an alternating pressure redistribution system is an effective way for pressure injuries prevention. Such systems can help long-term bedridden patients to recover smoothly without enduring further complications.

Pro-care 4 is one of Apex’s star products, in 2019, we have upgrade Pro-care 4 with more beneficial features and an all-new look. Click here to view the new Pro-care4.

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