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In order to prevent long-term bedridden patients from developing pressure ulcers, our hospital started using APEX's Alternating Pressure Redistribution System, Pro-care 4, three years ago. It is easy to use and clean, but more importantly, the nursing staff can adjust the pressure according to the patient's weight to obtain the best result for relieving pressure. 
Having used many different mattresses in my 20 years career, the Pro-care 4 is a great choice. In the 3 years of using Pro-care 4 in our hospital, there were no problems regarding the product and the patients are very satisfied with it.
For example, we had a petite patient in the hospital who had used Pro-care 4, she felt that Pro-care 4 was much softer than any other brands she'd tried, and it brought her great comfort.

By Head Nurse Carmen Martínez Gutiérrez from the Hospital Quirónsalud Bizkaia in Spain

Pro-care 4's 3 essentials give patient maximum comfort
Pro-care 4 achieves maximum results for relieving pressure with the following essentials:
  1. The nurse can adjust the pressure according to the patient's weight by the weight indicator on the control panel of Pro-care 4 from 40 to 200 kilograms divided into 10 levels.
  2. Pro-care 4 has 5 cells with heel relief valves at the end of the mattress which can relieve pressure off patient’s heels down to zero, allowing caregiver to facilitate a better intervention for those patients with fragile skin condition as it should be.
  3. The patented QubiCellTM design increases the body contact area for the pressure applied to patient’s body to be more evenly redistributed and thus a better pressure area care is offered.

4 key features optimized for nursing workflow
Both the comfort of the patient and the hospital’s nursing procedures are taken into consideration when APEX designed Pro-care 4 to achieve the most optimized features, which includes the following:
  1. The control panel adopts graphic design for ease of use, nursing staff can do a quick setup choosing from 4 different modes with ease to swiftly meet the needs of the patient's posture, and in terms reducing the burden on the nursing staff.
  2. The cover is water resistant and moisture vapor permeable with high anti-bacterial results preventing cross-infection and can be cleaned at up to 95 degrees Celsius in laundry temperature which facilitates decontamination.
  3. The function of the 'Lock' button prevents unwanted accidental touches on the panel as a precaution for the patient's safety.
  4. The mattress has a buckle strap for quick storage and 2-way zipper cover for quick installation and replacement.

The idiom "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is highly applicable to treating pressure ulcer, because if the patient has pressure ulcer, it will increase the cost of treatment as well as the risk of death. When compared to the traditional methods of nursing staff helping the patient to turn over or using multiple pillows to help to adjust postures, Alternating Pressure Redistribution System can prevent pressure ulcer more effectively and help the long-term bedridden patient to live a more comfortable life and to recover quicker.

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