Apex Medical Domus 4/Auto positive clinical result

Apex Medical, the global medical solution provider and Nukléus as the independent scientific partner
presented the study result from a clinical trial which was to observe the prevention of pressure injury in 86 patients using Domus 4/ Domus Auto for 35 days, the dynamic pressure redistribution systems from APEX. The trial was executed in 4 nursing homes and 1 geriatric long-term care centre in France. 

A positive result demonstrates that, among the 86 patients at medium to high risk of pressure injuries, 0% of the patients developed a pressure injury and 100% of the group rated the sound level of the mattress product as satisfactory or very satisfactory. (See Table 1.)
table1-100% satisfaction in Domus 4/ Auto sound level

                                                             Table 1. Patient’s assessment of the sound level of the mattress-N=85*  (*1 patient did not answer the question)

The care team found Domus 4/ Domus Auto very easy or easy in the majority of cases, the implementation (100%), maintenance (100%), use in terms of repositioning of patient (97.7%) and use in terms of moving patient to sit up (96.5%). (see Table 2.)
table2-Positive feedbacks from nursing staffs on Apex Medical Domus 4/ Auto

                                                              Table 2. Assessment of the equipment by the nursing staff- N=86 

“Our focus on innovating the best solutions for patients at risk of or suffering from pressure injuries is further supported by the positive user experience of these clinical findings. We will keep providing better solutions for our professional partners and patients” said by Thierry Darras, the Director-General of APEX France.


About Domus 4

Domus 4 is one of the advanced systems in Domus series. The digital multi-mode pump is not only offering alternating pressure redistribution, but also has a CLP mode with continuous low-pressure surface for immersion and envelopment . The system also offers advanced features such as Seat Inflate and Max Firm features. With both audible and visual alarms to notify caregivers of the abnormal situation, the system is ideal to reduce the risk of human error and suitable for the prevention and treatment for patients in medium to high risk of pressure injuries.

  • Quiet and vibration-free with a range of treatment modes.

  • Easy to use digital settings providing pressure relief and comfort.

  • Visual and audible alarms enhance patients’ safety and security.

More about Domus 4 :

About Domus Auto

Based on the functionalities of Domus 4, Domus Auto is further equipped with proprietary pressure/ body-weight algorithm which enables automatic pressure adjustment in response to individual body mass distribution and patient movement.

  • Automatically adjust to the patient weight, save the caregiver loading

More about Domus Auto :

Domus 4


Download the report :

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Mattress Feature
Risk of Developing a Pressure Ulcer


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