Respiratory Treatment is one of the most important business of Apex Medical and has been invested with a huge effort on product innovation includes CPAP machines and masks to provide better solutions in treating sleep apnea. Apex Medical launches WiZARD 510, the first non forehead support nasal mask in current product line to provide more options for patients. 
Nearly a quarter (23%) of sleep apnea patients who are under the CPAP treatment have given up on the therapy because of the uncomfortable mask. To provide better experience, WiZARD 510 reduces the unnecessary contact of the face, removes the characteristic of the forehead pad but remains stable. The soft side frame is made of the skin-friendly fabric to reduce itchiness and redness. Another advantage from the elimination of forehead pad is providing wide visibility for patients who enjoy reading or watching TV in beds. These improvements in comfort are expected to help patients with better treatment compliance. 
The new patented technology, Tranquil Fresh Tech, is also applied to WiZARD 510. An airflow simulation program is used to imitate the airflow distribution in the mask and precisely design the direction of airflow. The innovation of this technology eliminates annoying noise and the accumulation of CO2, bringing more quiet and refreshing experience to the users successfully.
The launch of WiZARD 510 fulfills a more comprehensive mask portfolio of Apex Medical. It opens up a new product line of non forehead support CPAP mask and will continuously develop into more models in the future. 
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