【Taipei, 2013/11/25】APEX MEDICAL CORPORATION (APEX),(TWSE listed Company (ref code 4106) a leading player in the Respiratory Therapy and Pressure Area Care sectors issues the following press release:

In August 2013, Apex fought back against the ResMed patent litigation by challenging six of the seven patents that were involved in an investigation by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC). Apex also announced that they were launching a new range of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) products and had filed relevant patent applications to protect its own Research & Development technology and continue to establish the foundations of their intellectual property portfolio. Apex will continue to enhance its global operations and expand its markets worldwide.

With regard to the recent lawsuit that was served by ResMed at the Medica Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, Apex will vigorously and robustly fight and defend all of its global commercial activities. Apex's own IP portfolio continues to grow as new opportunities and new technologies are identified. Apex embraces and encourages the need for fair and equal trade and have engaged lawyers to defend the lawsuit issued in Germany. Customers and Shareholders of Apex can rest assured that the current day-to-day activities continue to functionally operate and that this lawsuit will not impede Apex's commitment to the Corporations long-term strategy.

About Apex

Apex Medical is a leading manufacturer of own brand Respiratory Therapy products and distributes through an established network of international subsidiaries and partners in Europe, the United States, Asia and other international markets. Apex's specialism is in product development, engineering and marketing products with a dedicated and innovative team of industry professionals. The Apex strategy is to be a global leader in the provision of high quality healthcare products; delivering tested, trialed and clinically evaluated devices whilst ensuring that its own technology and intellectual property meets the demands of the Respiratory Therapy market.

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