Taipei, Taiwan – Nov. 29, 2012 -The Asian Sleep Research Society (ASRS) Congress is the largest gathering of sleep professionals in Asia. It is the greatest pleasure of APEX to welcome and sponsor Asian Sleep Research Society (ASRS) Congress in Taipei for the first time. ASRS Congress is a platform for sharing, exchange research and discovering the new ideas in this filed. There will be over 500 delegates from sleep doctors, clinicians, and sleep scientists, and allied professionals to attend ASRS Congress, which will be held in the Taipei International Convention Center, from Nov. 30 to Dec. 2, 2012.

APEX already had certificated by FDA 510(K) and markets products all over the world. To strengthen the clinical research and promote obstructive sleep apnea treatment, APEX actively sponsors and participates in ASRS Congress. During the 3-day congress, APEX will publish papers with teaching hospital in Taiwan and overseas. APEX will have a speech titled “the past and future of CPAP” given by its German Consultant- Dieter Heidmann. Meanwhile, APEX will arrange company tour for ASRS attendees to visit APEX’s Product Experience Room, R&D Center, Quality Control Laboratory and CPAP Production Line in Taiwan so that these participants will know more about APEX. With the sponsorship for ASRS Congress, APEX will continually build up a strong partnership with professionals and develop products which may meet the needs from doctors and patients.

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