【Taipei, Taiwan – 15 June, 2012】

APEX Medical Corp. is the first Asian manufacturer to develop Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) System for treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). With the success experience, APEX is pleased to introduce the Holistic Healthcare Formula - 〔Compliance〕3+〔Elegance〕=Lifestyle - for the iCH Series CPAP System.

In order to improve patients’ lives and clinical results, the iCH Series compliance technology offers-

1. Stable and precise pressure output

2. PVA pressure relief technology- it provides relief to patients who experience CPAP pressure discomfort by reducing pressure at the start of exhalation and return to the prescribed pressure at the commencement of inhalation

3. Efficient humidification delivery- it prevents the airways from being dry and keeps comfortable throughout the night

Besides, the elegance of iCH Series CPAP system is from its compact and stylish design. The iCH Series offers an exceptional quiet operation environment at under 28 dBA for easy fall asleep. The integrated heated humidifier can prevent your airways from being dry and keeps you comfortable throughout the night. Moreover, the iCH series is awarded the winner of the Taiwan Excellence 2012.

The iCH Series provides an exciting concept for CPAP therapy.

1. Stylish, lightweight and compact design

2. Exceptionally quiet and discreet

3. Blue backlight

4. Anti back-flow mechanism preventing water spillage

5. SD card and USB connection for data retrieval



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