Sturdy Industrial Co., Ltd., subsidiary of APEX group has been committed to providing diversified medical products for many years, and has adhered to stringent quality control process. It offers premium service and excellent products to won the trust of consumers as well as met the strictest requirements from consumers. Sturdy fully abide by ‘Total Quality Control’ policy promised to produce safe and high-quality full range of products. It has been successfully obtained the CE certification of the European Union, the ISO 13485 medical equipment quality certification and the Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate (GMP).

In pursuit of excellent quality and to enter the United States market, Sturdy actively optimises quality system procedures and finally, on October 22, 2018, obtained the ASME system certification issued by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Sturdy is now the first company acquired US ASME certified sterilizer manufacturer in Taiwan. While the average time of certification process is 10 months in minimum as ASME has been known for its strict requirements, it took only 8 months for Sturdy to get approved by ASME certification.

This American ASME certification that Sturdy acquired affirms its multi-professional ability in quality system, design ability, material research, welding technology and more. It assures consumers will receive the best service at all time, as Sturdy corporate mission has states: ‘Your most reliable & trusted sterilization partner – Sturdy’.


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