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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are about 1 billion adult OSA patients in general; and for the old age group, the incidence rate of OSA is as high as 49%. However, amongst all these OSA patients, only 20% are diagnosed and treated.Many people don't know they have OSA, and they all lived a similar listless life. A life which they have 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night, but still feel fatigued and sleepy during the day; performance at work and quality of life are greatly affected. Lindsey, an OSA patient from New Zealand who had a similar life like this, was only able to get rid of her listless life after a sleep test in the hospital where she has been diagnosed with OSA and received treatment.

APEX XT Fit, compact and easy to use, helping patients to treat OSA without any hassles
"I have long sleep time with loud snoring at night, and during the day, I always feel fatigued and sleepy. This problem bothered me for a long time." as Lindsey recalled. She was not upset at all but rather relieved when she was diagnosed with OSA. The doctor told her that by treating with CPAP, she could improve on her fatigued and sleepy life.
In the beginning, Lindsey bought a rather large CPAP. It wasn't really easy to use and broken down quite quickly. So, she went on to a website that specializes in selling CPAP and bought APEX XT Fit according to her mild OSA needs. She was amazed by XT Fit's ease of use and its great values.


There are 3 reasons why APEX XT Fit has such great values
  • Compact, In comparison to Lindsey's original CPAP, the size of the XT Fit is only a quarter of her original one. As Lindsey is someone who loves travel, she can simply pack the XT Fit in her backpack and never have to worry OSA will affect her quality of life even when she is traveling.

  •  Ease of use, XT Fit's display is clear and easy to read with 4 buttons in total and a 1-push activation button; minimal yet easy to use.
  • Easy to clean Heated Humidifier, Users can evaluate whether to purchase the Heated Humidifier according to their own needs. The bottom tray of the Heated Humidifier is very easy to remove and clean.
In the past, Lindsey always felt fatigued due to OSA and she sometimes even woke up with sore throat, but now, XT Fit has completely changed her life. "I'll never give up using CPAP" she emphasized.
From Lindsey's experience, we learned that even as a mild OSA patient, the quality of life is still greatly affected. Therefore, we need to call for attention for those patients with similar or OSA related symptoms to check if they have OSA and take the necessary treatment to gain back their great life with quality sleep and endless energy.
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