Apex Rota-Pro® is specifically designed to help restore mobility and independence, assisting users from a recumbent position to a seated position in just one touch of a button.
Rota-Pro Bario
Rota-Pro Standard
Rota-Pro Bario Low
The Eligibility threshold has risen over recent years and there is evidence that many local authorities only offer home care services to those who have the highest levels of need (NICE Guidelines, 2018. P.7). This has resulted in people with lower levels of need having to fund their own home care. If someone requires care for just one hour a day, it is predicted that they could be charged more than £7,500 a year by domiciliary agencies. Furthermore, bills have been recorded to start at a huge £1,500 a week for live-in home care, equalling £78,000 a year (Collison, 2017). To put this in perspective, the office of National Statistics have stated that the average salary in the UK is £28,288 before tax and other deductions, still being £49,712 less than the average cost of a year’s worth of live-in home care (2020).
People with reduced mobility often require manual handling and double handed care (the use of two carers), resulting in significant cost for that individual. In many caring situations poor moving and handling practice also results in discomfort and lack of dignity for the client as well as injury to both the carer and the client (Phillips et al. No Date).
The Apex Rota-Pro® is specifically designed to help restore mobility and independence, assisting users from a recumbent position, to a seated position in just one touch of a button. Compared to alternative options such as leg-lifters, hoists or expensive care assistance, Rota-Pro® offers a comfortable and simple means of transferring in and out of bed, improving mobility and preserving dignity (Apex Medical Corp, 2019). As a result of this, the Rota-Pro chair bed could significantly reduce the need of double-handed care for a person with reduced mobility. According to Lynch Healthcare Group, moving and handling equipment can potentially reduce the need for two or more carers to assist in personal care needs (2019), such as the Rota-Pro ®. By reducing the number of people in receipt of double handed care packages this would result in cost reductions of at least 30-40% for service users and their families- including not waiting for a second carer, and having better quality interactions with them (2019).
Apex offers many Rota-Pro® options that can suit a range of people including a low version for the shorter user (recommended for 5’4 and below) and the bariatric option (recommended for users up to 29st-185kg). See table below…

Rota-Pro® Standard Rota-Pro® Low Rota-Pro® Bario Rota-Pro® Bario Low
Safe Working Load 175kg / 27st 175kg / 27st 220kg / 35st 220kg / 35st
Size L(cm) x W(cm) 210 x 90 210 x 90 210 x 100 210 x 100
Max User Weight 135kg / 21st 135kg / 21st 185kg / 29st 185kg / 29st
Recommended Height 5ft 4in & above 5ft 4in & below 5ft 4in & above 5ft 4in & below
*The height is only recommended and it would be advised you have a demonstration before purchase as this may vary according to personal preference.
The Rota-Pro® is offered to the retail customer at £7,995 (+VAT); a cost that is significantly less than the £78,000 that someone who needs a years’ worth of live-in home care could pay. Additionally, for someone who needs care for just two hours per day, in need of assistance getting into and out of bed; the Rota-Pro® will pay for itself after just over 5 and a half months.
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