The bed has been excellent for improving my independence, and has even saved my life!
David & Rota-Pro

David has a curved and fused spine; the worsening conditioning was putting extra constraints on David’s quality of life and independence until he found the Rota-Pro® chair bed.

One year on we catch up with David to learn how this innovative chair bed has provided increased mobility, independence and dignity.

“The bed has been excellent for improving my independence, and has even saved my life!”

David found himself slipping out of bed and would have fallen on the floor if it wasn’t for the hand control that changed his position to stop the slipping. More importantly, it prevented David falling on to the floor where it could have been hours before he received help.
“As my condition has gradually worsened it means that I can still enjoy going to bed and sleeping comfortably. It has also made my carer’s life much easier as they are now able to wash me at a height that is safe and comfortable for them. I am looking forward to the future with this bed.”
Apex engineers programmed the Rota-Pro® chair bed to fit with David’s positioning requirements and preferences. David comments on the ease of working the bed by stating “The two-part back-rest has made it much more comfortable for me to sleep as being flatter is really uncomfortable for me. The hand control makes it so easy as it’s just one button to achieve the position I want.”

The results are far-reaching.
As David’s mobility and his condition worsened his sister researched possible assistive solutions and discovered the Rota-Pro®. “There were alternative options, but with the Rota-Pro® I received much more function for significantly less investment.”
The positive benefits of the Rota-Pro®have had such an effect on David’s quality of life. From providing much needed postural comfort to allowing a good night’s sleep, David feels his independence has been revived.

And the final message from David
“I used to hate getting into and out of bed. I don’t tend to have any problems with sleeping now”
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