“Becoming a partner, enables things to be accomplished together” (Stuart, F.I. 1993).
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Launching the Apex Partner Programme aims to recognize your strengths and allow us to work together to offer a wider variety of skillsets, resources and promotions to your customers.

Similar programmes are known for being successful across the mobility sector, by maximizing product range and offering a wider variety of resources to a growing market. The Office for National Statistics (2019) shows how the UK has a rising ageing population, showing the importance of getting a broader product variety in mobility stores to give people more options to live independently.

Apex promotes independent living and aims to improve the lives of people living at home when their mobility is reduced. Reduced costs of care (whether it be live in care or nursing/care homes) is something that we have discussed in one of our previous blogs. Reduced costs and improving independence when needing care is something we hope that we can work together to promote to customers who are in need of doing both these things (Dr. Ratzka Adolf. 1992) (Bolard et al. 2017).

Expanding your product range to include the Rota-Pro® Rotational Chair Bed is something we feel would benefit you, with very minimal involvement for you at a customer level when becoming a referrer; by working hand-in-hand with you and your customer this product affords greater independence at home saving on potential private carer, or even care home, costs for your customer. The Rota-Pro® family offers a variety of products that suit a variety of body types with bespoke packages to people who need something more specialised. 

We have two options within the programme

Becoming a Referrer
With this option, you recognize your customers as benefiting from the Rota-Pro®, you then tell us about them. We take this lead and deal with the rest. Offering you an incentive for that referral. Simple and easy, no strings attached! 

Becoming a Stockist
With this option, you purchase the product yourself, provide the product for viewings and demonstrations in your showroom, and then once sold the process starts again. Cutting out the middle man and saving time for the customer when wanting to demonstrate the product in person.

For both options, we provide support as well as marketing materials and collateral to help you along the way.

With current pandemic developments and the uncertainty of the future months upcoming, it is now more than ever, important that we need to help customers remain safe, independent and dignified within their own homes by offering a more improved and wider product range in mobility stores across the country. We are excited to offer this programme to you and hope that your mobility store will want to get involved.

For more and full information, contact our sales support team who will be happy to inform you further or direct you to a representative within your local area.

Apexmedicalcorp.com              enquiry@apexmedicalcorp.co.uk                    01905 774695


Bolard et al. (2017). Impact of home care versus alternative locations of care on elder health outcomes: an overview of systematic reviews. BMC Geriatr. Vol. 17. Issue, 20. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12877-016-0395-y 
Dr. Ratzka Adolf. (1992). What is your personal definition of independent living? Independent Living Institute. [Journal Article]. https://www.independentliving.org/toolsforpower/tools11.html 
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Stuart, F.I (1993). Supplier Partnerships: Influencing Factors and Strategic Benefits. International Journal of Purchasing Materials Management. Vol. 29. Issue 3. [Journal Article]
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