"hospitals started cancelling planned operations, discharging large amounts of people back into the community, and GP consultations were dealt with remotely"

It is no secret that this year the NHS have pumped a huge amount of resources into fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, this has meant that there is now reduced resources for the existing and the new procedures/interventions of non-Covid related illness. The Times reported that the number of patients waiting longer than 12 hours on trolleys in casualty departments quadrupled (2020). As part of the continued plan to help deal with the influx of Covid-19 patients from late March, hospitals started cancelling planned operations, discharging large amounts of people back into the community, and GP consultations were dealt with remotely. As a result, the NHS are now dealing with the backlog of non Covid-19 care, making greater problems for the future (BMA, 2020).

With this backlog causing many people to be left on waiting lists for long periods of time, surgeons have said its “tragic” that patients have been left in pain during this time. The BBC News reported that Donna , 52, has been left in months of pain after her foot surgery was cancelled as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak (Triggle, N. 2020). In addition to this, the independent reported Steve, 57, is forced to wait in pain, losing sleep and worrying when his ordeal will end. He has been told by the NHS that his wait for surgery could be between three and six months (2020). 

With the existing speed of which covid-19 has taken many aspects of 2020 in its hands, the already pressured NHS have suffered as a consequence. With the uncertainty of where this virus is going to take us in 2021, and the slight positive hums of a vaccine; we feel for those people that have remained in pain as a result of the virus. Whilst the NHS now work through the backlog of patients needing surgery and treatment, we remind those people that there are products on the market that can help in making this waiting time more comfortable for them.

The Apex Medical catalogue covers medical devices from beds that act as a simple profiling bed, and those that help assist with getting in and out of bed. The vast variety of pressure area care can also help in the prevention of pressure ulcers. If staying at home is an elected or unelected choice then having the right profiling bed and dynamic mattress system to ensure you are comfortable and safe is important.  For a more detailed view of the products, go to our website or contact our customer service team to see which of the product range could best help you.

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