APEX Medical’s wide variety of services provide a resource centre for our customers to lean on throughout the lifecycle of the product; from auditing, product installation, competency based training, decontamination, maintenance, repairs, LOLER testing, renting of equipment, in addition to a full managed service. This allows our customers to be fully compliant with regulatory pressure in each stage of the product life cycle, prolong the lifespan of the product, in addition to reducing any risk posed to the patient.

APEX Medical’s first class rental service specialises in the provision of dynamic pressure relieving mattresses, electric beds and hoists, along with other ancillary equipment to accommodate the needs of any healthcare organisation.

This flexible service enables customers to optimise the degree of care it provides its patients as the organisation no longer becomes constrained by the product mix it has purchased, it simply orders the relevant product for the patient’s requirements.

Benefits associated with this service include

  • Products are available when and where they are needed
  • Select equipment based on patient need, not stock availability
  • Removes the need for organisations to invest in logistical infrastructure
  • Eliminates costs for repair and maintenance of purchased equipment
  • Assists organisations in managing its cash flow through reducing capital expenditure on equipment
  • Eradicates the possibility of stock becoming outdated

Library Stock

A library stock rental service is appropriate for organisations who want the flexibility of installing the equipment themselves and whose patients are located on-site, whilst still benefiting from not having to invest significant capital in equipment. This service is particularly effective for meeting the requirements of large acute trusts. A set amount of equipment is delivered to your site, with a buffer stock provided at no additional charge, to ensure equipment is available during periods of increased activity. APEX will then continue to visit at agreed intervals to swap dirty equipment to clean. A set price is charged per month, based upon the predefined equipment volume, for the service. This rental solution minimises the logistical support required and this reduces the cost per unit, whilst also allowing organisations to effectively plan their expenditure due to a standardised volume and have immediate access to equipment.

Community Rentals

Our community rental package is appropriate for organisations who provide services to patients within a nursing, residential or homecare environment. Upon the completion of an assessment, an order will be placed through either our mobile app, web portal or telephone to request the necessary equipment. A set price per day will be charged for each type of equipment. Our installation engineers will arrive within a 4 hour period to install the equipment.

Once the equipment is no longer required a collection request can be sent, through the same methods as order, at which point the billing for the equipment stops.

Our Asset Management service is split into a rental option, a full managed service or a combination of the two.

Customers are able to benefit from APEX’s highly specialised logistical infrastructure, thus benefiting from the economies of scale and experience we have developed over many years. This allows healthcare organisations to focus on delivering a high level of patient care, whilst transitioning them from a…

APEX work in conjunction with all types of healthcare providers to develop highly bespoke full Managed Services.

This usually consists of managing and moving equipment, storage, decontamination, asset tracking, preventative maintenance and equipment repairs.

We have developed the expertise of managing our own range of equipment, as well as other brands and products that aren’t included in our core range such as Riser Recliner chairs.

Benefits associated with this service include

  • Products are available when and where they are needed
  • Removes the need for capital investment in logistics infrastructure
  • Allows the organisation to retain ownership over their equipment
  • Reduces the impact on operational costs
  • Relieves the pressure of managing the repair and maintenance of equipment

APEX Medical have developed an award winning asset management application that provides our customers with complete transparency and control over the service they receive.

The application reduces the inherent inefficiencies within an asset management service, provides a transparent view into the day to day operation of the service and supply’s management data to inform strategic decisions. The application is powered by our RFID asset tracking tags, which provides conformity to the GS1 coding for success. Scanning assets at each stage of the equipment cycle, instantly updates our database as to where each item is in the pre-defined process.

The web based customer portal has been created to empower our customers to effectively and efficiently manage their service through:

  • E-Commerce – The portal allows users to search for equipment, view the specification to ensure it matches their requirements and purchase. The equipment will be automatically added and made available to the organization’s inventory.
  • Stock Management – Customers have the ability to optimise their available inventory through the ability to request deliveries and collections of both rental and managed service equipment.
  • Repair & Maintenance – Allows customers to view the details of their warranty, request a repair on a specific piece of equipment, view their servicing history and track the status of the repair. This module will empower organisations to maximise their equipment’s life cycle and will ensure patients receive optimum treatment from the product.
  • Management Reporting – Management reports to provide a transparent assessment over the service we provide and access to data to inform future strategic decisions are instantly available.
  • Accounts Module – The Accounts module delivers organisations with a tool to assist with financial planning and assessment; through supplying users with the ability to print invoices, view their statements online and ascertain the value of their inventory.
  • Asset Tracking – The portal displays the location of equipment in real time and provides a complete audit trail of its movement through the workflow process reducing the possibility of losing assets, which is estimated to cost the NHS over £1 billion per year.


Asset Management customers have access to our Online App which enables equipment orders ‘by the bedside’ of the patient.

Analysis on our equipment orders displayed a large proportion of requests being sent in the afternoon, primarily due to clinicians completing patient assessments in the morning and passing their equipment needs to an administrator upon returning to their central organisation in the early afternoon.

This meant equipment orders were being placed in bulk, which could create a bottle neck in the service and meant a patient were being assessed early in the morning but had to wait to receive their equipment late afternoon; this is especially problematic for patients at risk of developing a pressure sore considering they can start to develop within 2 hours.

The ability to order by the bedside of patients will effectively distribute the volume of orders throughout the day, reducing the strain on the service, and condense the time for the patient to receive the equipment, as our 4 hour response time will start from this point.

This unique offering delivers significant benefits to our customers through:

  • Maximising Clinician to Patient Time – The APEX App reduces the need for clinicians to return back to their organisation to place requests for equipment, allowing them to focus on delivering optimal patient care.
  • Reduced Administration – Administration in any organisation can often prove costly and inefficient, the APEX App helps to reduce this by taking a layer of the ordering process away and empowering clinicians to place their requests directly.
  • Retain Budgetary Controls – Defined authorisation levels can place a safeguard against over spending by passing equipment requests to a centralised location for approval, before being passed over to APEX.

APEX Medical can provide a full maintenance and repair service for a wide range of moving and handling equipment, dynamic air mattresses and electric profiling beds.

Our team of engineers operate throughout the UK providing services to Private and Public Healthcare organisations for all branded types of equipment. These range from single hoist and mattress servicing, to preventative and annual maintenance contracts.This service aims to prolong the life expectancy of products and reduce the financial burden associated with equipment.

What can APEX Medical offer?

  • Annual Servicing for Pressure Area Care
  • Annual Servicing for Beds
  • LOLER Testing and Servicing for Hoists – Bi-Annually
  • Servicing and testing of Baths – Bi-Annually
  • Sling Inspection – Bi-Annually
  • PAT testing for all electrical equipment
  • Full Management information on equipment serviced
  • Certified test certificates for all equipment serviced or tested

100,000 patients per year that will contract an HCAI and approximately 5,000 of these results in death, with a further 15,000 partially attributable (Plowman, Hospital Acquired Infection, 1997). Plowman’s (1999) study stipulated that HCAI’s caused patients to remain in hospital for an additional 14 days at extra cost of £3154 per patient; this equates to a total cost of approximately £1Billion per annum to the NHS (Plowman, The socioeconomic burden of hospital acquired infection, 2000).

APEX has invested to develop a state of the art decontamination facility to ensure we help to tackle the on-going costs caused by HCAI’s. We have the ability to offer a range of bespoke, contracted or ad-hoc decontamination solutions for both static and dynamic pressure area care mattresses and covers, in addition medical beds, hoists and riser recliner chairs.

Our decontamination process is in line with full NHS guidelines and is based around single patient use. Our rigorous cleaning and quality control processes are meticulously followed and regularly audited both internally and independently, with regular swab tests performed to assess the cleanliness of our facility.

All equipment has a complete audit trail, once cleaned and quality checked, all systems are certificated with a decontamination certificate as evidence that the equipment has completed our decontamination procedure.

What can APEX Medical offer?

  • Collection of contaminated equipment
  • Thorough decontamination of equipment
  • Equipment passes through quality control to assess whether the product is operating correctly. If a fault is identified the customer will be called to ascertain whether or not they would like the product repaired.
  • Upon completion of our decontamination and qualitycontrol process, each piece of equipment is awarded a decontamination certificate
  • Equipment is delivered back to the customer within up to 5 working days.
  • Additionally we offer a free of charge clinical wastedisposal service for all equipment that is deemed ‘not fit for purpose’

BHTA Protect, Rinse and Dry Publication

APEX was a member of the BHTA committee, which created the BHTA Protect, Rinse and Dry Publication. The publication focuses on the care, cleaning and inspection of healthcare mattresses.

Its purpose is to respond to a Medical Device Alert that highlighted that mattress covers can become damaged at any time during use or storage. For example from needle stick, strikethrough, damage from sharp objects, abrasion during handling, transport or movement and inappropriate cleaning and decontamination procedures.

It informs users of mattresses as to the causes and consequences of damage and provides guidance on caring for the mattress in accordance with best practice.

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) place duties on people and companies, who own, operate or have control over lifting equipment. This includes all businesses and organisations whose employees use lifting equipment, whether owned by them or not. All lifting operations involving lifting equipment must be properly planned by a competent person, appropriately supervised and carried out in a safe manner.

LOLER also requires that all equipment used for lifting is fit for purpose, appropriate for the task, suitably marked and, in many cases, subject to statutory periodic ‘thorough examination’. Records must be kept of all thorough examinations and any defects found must be reported to both the person responsible for the equipment and the relevant enforcing authority.

The Regulations aim to reduce risks to people’s health and safety from lifting equipment provided for use at work.

What can APEX Medical offer?

  • 6 Monthly LOLER testing by competent Engineers.
  • Full Management Reports, Tailor made to suit your requirements
  • Monthly/Bimonthly/Quarterly meetings – to suit you.
  • Pricing plan around LOLER testing
  • LOLER tests can be performed on an Ad-Hoc or on a contractual basis

APEX support healthcare organisations by providing a free audit of existing dynamic and static mattresses, hoists and beds.

Your territory account manager will complete this service on-site by appointment and at your convenience.

A report will be provided on requested to inform decision makers on the need to service, replace or repair any of their equipment.

What can APEX Medical offer?

  • Create a clear asset register of all items in the organisation
  • Product type, manufacturer, make, model and location are all documented
  • Audible and visual checks on dynamic mattresses are performed to assess the condition and setting of the equipment is correct.
  • A visual inspection of static equipment’s cover, zip and foam to check for ingress. The ‘Fist Test’ will display whether or not the equipment is ‘bottoming out’ and proving to be a risk to effective pressure area care.
  • Beds are assessed by ensuring all of the handset functions are in full working order, in addition to a bed rail assessment with the current mattress in situ.
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